Pilot 1, 2011/12: Stabiae


The Classical Studies Program recognizes that a multi-disciplinary field places high demands on the students, who need to study a number of languages and learn several methodologies in addition to their coursework and research specialization. To this end, it is important that students make good use of the summers, devoting this time to intensive reading projects, excavation work, language classes, research-related travel, etc. As part of their GSAS funding packages, Ph.D. students receive five summers of guaranteed research support.

APAHA Excavation at Stabiae 2011

In the summer of 2011, Classical Studies students and Columbia College students participate in the inaugural Advanced Program of Ancient History and Art (APAHA) summer school & excavation project. The organizers, Professor Francesco de Angelis (Art History & Archaeology, Columbia University) and Professor Marco Maiuro (History, Columbia University), put together an exciting interdisciplinary program. International specialists lead seminars at Stabiae, and de Angelis and Maiuro direct the on-site excavation work of the students (Field Director: Taco Terpstra, History Ph.D., CU).Professor Katja Vogt (Philosophy, Columbia University, incoming Chair of Classical Studies) visited the excavation site and was much impressed by the students — and their demanding work in the blazing sun!