Katja Maria Vogt

Professor (Chair)
  • Philosophy

Ancient Philosophy; Ethics; Normative Epistemology

A specialist in ancient philosophy and ethics as well as a recipient of the Distinguished Columbia Faculty Award, Professor Vogt joined the Philosophy Department in 2002. She is the author of numerous articles, and of these books: Belief and Truth: A Skeptic Reading of Plato (Oxford University Press 2012), Law, Reason, and the Cosmic City: Political Philosophy in the Early Stoa; (Oxford University Press 2008, paperback 2012), Skepsis und Lebenspraxis: Das pyrrhonische Leben ohne Meinungen (Alber 1998). She is the editor of Pyrrhonian Skepticism in Diogenes Laertius: Pyrrho (DL 9.61-116). Text and Translation (Greek-English) with Commentary and Essays (SAPERE Vol. XXVII, scheduled for 2014). In her next book project, Desiring the Good, she applies skeptical intuitions to questions about motivation and agency. For current information on Professor Vogt’s research and teaching, please go to her personal website www.katjavogt.com.