Workshop in Ancient & Contemporary Philosophy

The Workshop in Ancient & Contemporary Philosophy is devoted to new work in ancient philosophy, as well as work in contemporary philosophy that engages with ancient thought. Throughout the year, students and faculty at Columbia who are interested in ancient philosophy get to know forthcoming publications by international scholars. PhD students and visiting scholars have the opportunity to serve as commentators and actively engage with the research of visiting speakers.

Inaugurated in 2016/17, the Workshop in Ancient & Contemporary Philosophy is directed by Katja Vogt. It is part of a range of Classical Studies activities in ancient philosophy, including an annual ancient philosophy reading group. Meetings are open to all CU faculty and students, as well as faculty and students from the New York area, and co-sponsored by the Philosophy Department.

Speakers who visited in the Fall 2016 include Lorenzo Corti (Université de Lorraine), Richard Bett (Johns Hopkins University) and Joachim Aufderheide (Kings College London). In the Spring of 2017, Anna Marmodoro (University of Oxford) will speak on the “Unity of Objects.” For more details, please see the workshop’s webpage.

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Classical Studies Dissertation Workshop

Each academic year, CLST organizes a Dissertation Workshop. PhD students in the dissertation phase present chapters or papers they are currently writing, or have the opportunity to do test-runs of presentations they will give at conferences. Jointly, the CLST Dissertation Workshop and the CLST Research Seminar offer a range of occasions for CLST students to discuss work-in-progress and prepare for important stages in their career, including the job market. The next installment of the CLST Dissertation Workshop is scheduled for Friday, March 3.

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Conference: Refuge and Refugees in the Ancient World


November 11-12, 2016. Columbia University in the City of New York.
Italian Academy, 5th floor, 1161 Amsterdam Ave

This conference features papers from graduate students working across disciplines related to the ancient world which will explore the issues of refuge and refugees. From representations of refugees and the notions of “refuge” to their physical traces in the archaeological record, we hope to discuss how ancient societies experienced and conceptualized the flight and plight of displaced peoples.

In light of the recent upsurge in work on ancient Mediterranean migration and exile, as well as current events, new questions arise: What heuristic value does the term “refugee” have for our understanding of the ancient equivalent? How do we define refuge and refugees? Where do we look for the voices of refugees among the ancient evidence? What and where are the sites of “refuge” attested across the ancient Mediterranean world?

Papers come from a variety of disciplinary fields pertaining to the ancient Mediterranean world and surrounding regions, including Egypt, the Near East and the expanses of the Roman Empire, and falling within the period spanning from the Bronze Age to Late Antiquity.

For the full conference program, please follow this link.

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