All Students


Molly Allen, Greek art and literature, Archaic and Classical periods

Giulia Bonasio, Ancient philosophy, aesthetics, ancient art, emotions, Greek tragedy

Francesco Cassini, Classical art and archaeology, Roman history and epigraphy

Maria Dimitropoulos, Archaic and Classical Greek art and archaeology, Greek literature

Mary-Evelyn Farrior, Roman history, archaeology; Greco-Roman cultural interaction

Zachary Herz, Legal and social history in the Late Roman Republic and Empire

Tal Ish-Shalom, Ancient Near East, Judea/Palestine in Greco-Roman times

Evan Jewell, Roman history, art, archaeology; Latin literature; ancient sexuality, ageing, somatology

Sam McVane, Ancient ethics, intellectual history, Greek literature

Stephanie Melvin, Gender, ancient religion, literature, history and art

Mariana Beatriz Noé, Ancient Philosophy, Aesthetics, Irrationality, Human Motivation

Alice Sharpless, Roman and Greek art and archaeology, Hellenistic to late Roman periods

Joe Sheppard, Social and cultural history of ancient Rome, epigraphy, numismatics

Jeremy Simmons, Greco-Roman interactions with Central Asia and India, ethnography

Deborah Sokolowski, Roman art and archaeology, Reception


Grant Dowling, Ancient Ethics, Metaphysics, and Aesthetics, Comparative Literature

Amelia Eichengreen, Greek, Roman, and Etruscan art and archaeology

Eleni Gizas, Greek art and archaeology, cities and sanctuaries, Greek myth

Moshe “Moshiko” Hamo, Ancient Philosophy, Ancient Greek and Hebrew Ethics, Ethics

Jared Madnick, Ancient Mediterranean history, Roman archaeology, numismatics

Nickolas Massar, Roman, Greek, and Etruscan art and archaeology

Faith McFadden, Ancient philosophy, animal motifs in ancient art and literature

Danielle Perry, Early Christianity, Political Theology, Philosophy and Religion

Chunsong Wang, Ancient philosophy, Ancient science, Continental philosophy