Brittany Johnson

Brittany Johnson graduated from Bowdoin College with a B.A. in Classics (summa cum laude) in the spring of 2012, after making her directorial debut with an adapted version of Aristophanes’ Akharnians. Featuring Mitt Romney, Quentin Tarantino, and Justin Bieber, the show prompted discussion among students and faculty about the benefits and drawbacks of presenting Classics through a modern lens to make it accessible to all.

Brittany, a small town girl who had no Latin or Greek before declaring her undergraduate major, quickly realized that this was where she fit within her discipline. Her career goal is to incorporate Classical texts and ideas into public education, challenging kids to grapple with different interpretations of morality and methods of self-representation. Her research interests include directing more Old Comedy (and some tragedy and some reconstructed satyr plays) and analyzing the standards to which Classical leaders are held in the biographies of Plutarch, Suetonius and Arrian. Email Brittany Johnson.