Cody Haynes

Cody Haynes graduated from the University of Kansas with a B.A. in Anthropology and Classics. For the past three Summers Cody has been participating in the excavations of Gournia, a Minoan (Bronze Age) settlement in eastern Crete (heyday ca. 1700 BCE). Besides excavating, he has also been cataloging the plaster material (wall paintings and objects).

In the Fall, over the past two years, Cody has also interned at organic and biodynamic farms in Tuscany, planting and harvesting crops and making wine. These projects dovetail with Cody’s interests in the ancient Mediterranean: agriculture and food production, especially the manufacture of wine and olive oil and their trade. After earning his MA in Classical Studies at Columbia, Cody plans to attend a PhD program in both Classics and Archaeology, writing a dissertation that unifies the two disciplines, texts and the material record, in order to identify the innovative processes in the traditions that were developed to produce distinctive wines and oils.