Deborah Sokolowski


Debbie earned her B.A. in Classics (with a concentration in Peace and Conflict Studies) at the College of the Holy Cross in 2014, where she wrote her honor’s thesis on the role of Augustan art and archaeology in Italy under Mussolini’s Fascist regime. Her research interests include Roman imperial art and archaeology; issues of cultural heritage and preservation; and the modern reception of Roman art and archaeology, specifically in 20th century Europe. In the future, she hopes to examine both visual and textual representations of power as Rome shifted from Republic to Empire.

In addition to spending a semester at Loyola Chicago’s Rome Center, Debbie has excavated at Ostia Antica in 2012 and worked with the Bir Madhkur Project on a 3rd century CE Roman fort complex in southern Jordan in 2014 (on a fellowship from Eta Sigma Phi). Debbie’s other research as an undergraduate focused on digital humanities: she was a member of the Homer Multitext Project and worked on the Venetus A manuscript of the Iliad to transcribe the poem’s text as well as its scholia, analyzing variant readings of the poem as well as other scholarship on the ancient epic.

Prior to entering Columbia, Debbie worked as a Latin teacher at Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia Charter School. Email Deborah Sokolowski.