Justin Dombrowski

Justin is a 5th year PhD candidate in Columbia’s Classical Studies program and specializes in the social, economic, and religious histories of the Roman Mediterranean. His dissertation concerns the role of financial instruments, the lending market, and public debt in Rome’s state financial management; his other research interests include the transformation of ancient financial systems, the economics of demographic transitions, and expressions of ethnic and religious identity. Within these fields, Justin has a variety of publications forthcoming, including articles on Jewish coinage and Roman Arabia (Encyclopedia of Ancient History, eds. R.S. Bagnall, et al.), two papyri editions in the Oxyrhynchus Papyri series, and has also published on the history of the interpretation of the biblical book of Esther (e.g. in The Dictionary of Old Testament Poetry, Wisdom, and Writings, eds. P. Enns, et al.). Justin has taught or assisted in courses on Greek & Latin language and Greek & Roman history. He has also guest lectured at Barnard College, the City University of New York, and The Jewish Theological Seminary on various topics, including the birth of rabbinic culture, Judaism under Christian Rule, and related topics. Before coming to Columbia, Justin received MAs in Ancient Judaism and Biblical Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary and Westminster Seminary; prior to this, he earned a BS in Physics from the University of Michigan. Email Justin Dombrowski.