Mathias Hanses

My first few years of graduate education were spent in Münster, Germany (MA in American Studies, 2009) and at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (MA in Classics, 2009). At Columbia, I have mainly been developing my interest in the workings of Intertextuality in Greek and Latin literature, but I have also continued to work on the U.S.-American reception of the Classics and on political biases in Roman Republican historiography (publications are forthcoming, inter alia, in Rheinisches Museum, Historische Zeitschrift, and the Blackwell Companion to Terence). In my dissertation, I plan to examine the ‘life’ of Roman Comedy after the death of Plautus. Alternating between ‘close readings’ of many of the ‘standard’ texts of Latin literature and broader contextualizations in their day’s scholarly debates and norms of theatrical performance, I intend to trace the Romans’ creative engagement with the comic heritage from Terence to Juvenal and beyond. Mathias Hanses email.