Monica Hellström

My research focus is Roman imperial political and cultural history, and in particular the later Roman empire. My sources are eclectic; I have taught both Latin and Greek and worked with literature, inscriptions, papyri and manuscripts in both languages. Art and architecture also figure prominently in my work; I have worked as an archaeologist and have a degree in art from Beckman School of Design in Stockholm. Ancient towns, from Rome to rural provincial communities, have emerged as my main subject – both their built environment and the social, economic and political processes that define them. For my dissertation I examined public construction in the towns of Roman North Africa, and I have since written articles that concern various aspects of the urban topography of Rome. I am currently the Fondazione Famiglia Rausing post-doctoral fellow at the Istituto Svedese di Studi Classici a Roma, working on construction projects in Rome dating to the reign of emperor Diocletian, and the reception of these projects in later centuries. Email Monica Hellström.