Courses on Offer

Courses on Offer for Fall 2022 
Students should speak to their advisor prior to registration to discuss course selection and degree requirements.

Art History and Archaeology

  • AHAR GU4522: Black Mediterranean: 1000 Years of Artistic Interaction in the Mediterranean Basin (circa 600-1600) (A. Shalem)
  • AHIS GU4517: Hadrian's Villa: An Imperial Court and Its Spaces (F. de Angelis)


Classical Studies

  • CLST GR8999: Supervised Independent Research
    • Please contact the CLST Program Coordinator to register; a course will be created for you.

Classics (not including language classes at the 3000-level and below)

  • GREK GU4009: Selections from Greek Literature: Sophocles (E. Irwin)
  • LATN GU4009: Selections from Latin Literature (Poetry): Vergil's Georgics (D. Krasne)
  • LATN GU4105: Latin Literature of the Republic (K. Volk)
  • GREK GU4106: History of Greek Literature II (E. Scharffenberger)
  • CLCV GU4190: Virtue and Happiness - Philosophy in Classical Rome(K. Volk)
  • GREK GR5139: Elements of Greek Prose Style (E. Scharffenberger)
  • CLCV GR6010: Material Culture and Classics (P. Martzavou)
  • GREK GR8012: Josephus (S. Schwartz)
  • LATN GR8017: Approaches to the Theory and Practice of Neo-Latin (G. Williams)

Classics at Barnard

  • CLCV GU4440: Society and the Environment in the Ancient Mediterranean (E. Morris)



  • PHIL GU4602: Philosophical Texts in Greek: Aristotle, Categories (W. Mann)
  • PHIL GR9110: Metaethics: History of the Natural Law Tradition (D. Jagannathan)
  • PHIL GR9121: Topics in Ancient Philosophy: Plato, Republic (K. Vogt)

Political Science

  • POLS GU4132: Political Thought: Classical and Medieval (G. Giorgini)


  • RELI GU4120: Gender in Ancient Christianity (E. Castelli)