• Ancient Philosophy; Logic and Philosophy of Language; Metaphysics; History of Biology

  • Iconographic Tradition; Classical Art and Archaeology; Early Modern Art History; Archaic and Classical Greek Literature

  • Ancient Philosophy; Epistemology

  • Classical Art and Archaeology; Roman History and Epigraphy

  • Ancient and Comparative Philosophy; Pythagoreanism; Music; Mathematics; Near-Eastern and South Asian Studies

  • Archaic and Classical Greek Art and Archaeology; Greek Drama; Reception; Collecting

  • Roman History, Archaeology; Greco-Roman Cultural Interaction

  • Ancient Philosophy; Ethics; Epistemology; Metaethics; Symposium

  • Hellenistic and Roman History; Geopolitics and Cultural Identity; Numismatics; Comparative History; the Ancient Levant

  • Ancient Philosophy; Metaphysics; Philosophy of Logic, Language, and Mind.

  • Hellenistic History; Acculturation; Identity Politics; Classical Athens

  • Ancient Philosophy; Greek Literature; Ethics; Epistemology

  • Classical Art and Archaeology; Epigraphy; Greek and Roman History; Greek and Roman Architecture; Greek Literature

  • Manuscript Studies; Latin Paleography; Medieval Europe; Renaissance; Egyptology

  • Greco-Roman Egypt; Papyrology; Greek History; Roman History; Comparative History

  • Roman Near East; late antique literatures; Jews in the Roman Empire


  • Hellenic Egypt; Classical Reception; Ancient Sexuality; Nymphs; Fauns

  • Ancient Philosophy; Epistemology and Metaphysics; Stoicism; Early Modern Philosophy (esp. Spinoza)

  • Roman Antiquity; Early Imperial Period; Social History; Sex and Gender History; Ethnicity; Self-Presentation/Adornment; National Identity; Roman Law; Death and Mourning

  • Numismatics; Research History; Historiography; Philosophy (both modern and ancient); Aesthetics

  • Agency and Cognition; Classical Tradition; Working Memory and Art; Roman Art and Reception; Ornament Theory

  • Ancient Philosophy; Greek Religion; Cult & Ritual; Greek Poetry; German Philhellenism