Courses on Offer Fall 2024

Courses on Offer for Fall 2024
Students should speak to their advisor prior to registration to discuss course selection and degree requirements.

ANTH GU4001: The Ancient Empires (T. D'Altroy)
ANTH GR5361: Ethical Issues in Museums (S. Yerkovich)
ANTH GR6352: Museum Anthropology: History and Theory (B. Boyd)

Art History and Archaeology
AHCE W4149: The Roman Art of Engineering (F. de Angelis/J. Chang)
AHIS GU4093: Sacred Spaces in South Asia (S. Kaligotla)
AHIS GR8137: Archaeology, Museums, Decolonization (Z. Bahrani)
AHIS GR8315: The Fragment (E. Pistis)
AHIS GR8406: The Museum as History: From the Modern to the Decolonial (J. Kraynak)
AHIS GR8901: Early Indian Afterlives (S. Kaligotla)

Classical Studies
CLST GU4515: Connecting Histories: Roman Conquests and Coinage (L. Carbone)
CLST GR8999: Supervised Independent Research
Please contact the CLST Program Coordinator to register; a course will be created for you.

Classics (not including language classes at the 3000-level and below)
GREK GU4009: Selections from Greek Literature: Homer/Hesiod (D. Steiner)
CLCV GR5011: Proseminar (G. Williams & J. Ma)
GREK GR5100: Diagnostic Readings in Greek (J. Ma)
LATN GR5100: Diagnostic Readings in Latin (G. Williams)
GREK GR5139: Elements of Greek Prose Style (E. Scharffenberger)
LATN GR8009: Image of the Book in Roman Literature (J. Howley)
GREK GR8020: Aristotle's Politics (E. Scharffenberger)

HIST GU4743: Manuscripts of the Muslim World (T. Şen)
HIST GR8910: Historical Method and Craft (S. Schwartz/S. Haley)
Students may petition to sit in on select undergraduate courses, combined with an Independent Study at the graduate level (e.g. HIST UN1002; HIST UN1010; HIST UN2611; HIST UN3023)

PHIL GU4100: Paradoxes (J. Clarke-Doane)
PHIL GU4424: Modal Logic (T. Lando)
PHIL GU4561: Probability and Decision Theory (J. Collins)
PHIL GU4602: Philosophical Texts in Greek: Aristotle's Metaphysics (W. Mann)
PHIL GR5415: Symbolic Logic (T. Lando)
PHIL GR6050: Methods and Problems: Theoretical Philosophy (M. Fusco)
PHIL GR9110: Metaethics (A. Bigrami)
PHIL GR9180: Topics in Moral Philosophy: Approaches to Applied Ethics (K. Vogt)
PHIL GR9515: Topics in Metaphysics: Mereology (A. Varzi)
PHIL GR9985: Proposal Preparation Seminar (K. Vogt)
Students may petition to sit in on select undergraduate courses, combined with an Independent Study at the graduate level (e.g. PHIL UN3912)

RELI GU4307: Buddhism and Daoism in China (Z. Yang)
RELI GU4318: Interpreting Buddhist Yoga (D. Kittay)