Danielle Perry


Danielle Perry graduated from Princeton University in 2013 with an A.B. in Classics. She spent the following year in the Classical Studies Post Bac program at the University of Pennsylvania. At Princeton, she wrote her senior thesis on Lucan’s depiction of religion in his epic, Pharsalia. She postulated that Lucan purposely subverts, defies, and transgresses contemporary understandings of religion in an effort to show readers what a world without the gods – or a world where men are gods – looks like. Her research interests include Roman understandings of religion and Roman receptions of religion. More specifically, she is interested in Judaism and Early Christianity in the Roman Empire. She also enjoys thinking about the influence of Greek philosophy on Early Christianity, via the writings of Paul. Danielle is tangentially interested in both ancient and modern political theory and thus enjoys the writings of Plato, Aristotle, and many other political theorists. She is especially interested in the overlap of religion and politics. Email Danielle Perry.