Evan Jewell

Hailing from sunny Sydney, Australia, Evan is currently ABD and writing a dissertation entitled, Youth and Power: Roman Discourses of Age and Ageing from Plautus to Nero. His dissertation research examines Roman discourses (in the Foucauldian sense) of age and ageing and, in particular, the intersection of discourses about youth(fulness) with the changing power relations at Rome over the span of nearly three centuries. He draws upon theoretical and methodological frameworks from critical theory and cultural anthropology to ask new questions of Roman perceptions of age. In so doing, he argues that we can view age as a performance, whereby age-roles existed in Roman society, following historically contingent “scripts”, which constituted a significant element of elite male citizen identity. His work draws on diverse corpora of evidence to recover these discourses, bringing into dialogue literary works, inscriptions, graffiti, and artistic media, particularly sculpture and numismatics.

Beyond his dissertation research, Evan has publications forthcoming or under review on Cicero, youth, cultural memory, and ideology in the Roman Republic.

Evan has also participated in Columbia University’s (APAHA) excavations at the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Villa Adriana (Hadrian’s Villa), at Tivoli, Italy and as such, he maintains a strong interest in Roman material culture, both in his research and in his pedagogy.

In terms of teaching, Evan has been an Instructor of Latin from the Elementary to Intermediate levels, as well as a Teaching Assistant in Hellenistic and Roman history courses. In the Fall of 2016, as a Teaching Scholar, Evan taught his own self-designed 3000-level undergraduate course (HIST UN3050), entitled “Youth in Ancient Rome.” He has held fellowships in the Center for Teaching and Learning (Lead Teaching Fellow, Senior Lead Teaching Fellow) and is currently one of the co-organizers of the Team Teaching Pedagogy Colloquium (TTPC) in the Department of Classics.

In his spare time, Evan enjoys exploring his (long dormant) American roots, trying out as many brisket and seasonal pie recipes as possible, taking photos of ancient (and modern) places, and, when he gets the chance, cycling around New York (and beyond) to discover its hidden gems, from beachside taco stands to abandoned, historic places.

Evan came to Columbia from Macquarie University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Ancient History (Honours) and the University Medal.

You can also visit his personal website or email Evan Jewell.