Giulia Bonasio

Giulia’s areas of specialization are ancient philosophy, ethics and moral psychology. On October 23, she defended her dissertation on Aristotle’s ethics at Columbia University. Since 2017, she has served as a Preceptor in Contemporary Civilization (a class on moral and political philosophy from Plato to Foucault) in Columbia’s Core Curriculum. Giulia was awarded a Chateaubriand Fellowship in 2018 and a DAAD Fellowship in 2016.

Trained as a philosopher and as a classicist, Giulia wrote a dissertation entitled Happiness and Superlative Value in the Eudemian Ethics. In her work, she investigates questions about human motivation, values, and good human lives. She argues that in the Eudemian Ethics, Aristotle ascribes specific roles in motivation to three value-properties: the good, the beautiful, and the pleasant. Giulia is interested in the metaphysics of these values and in how the psychology of the agent relates to them. In her research, she investigates how the virtues shape our relation to these values. Giulia has also research interests in Plato’s Symposium, Republic and Philebus, as well as in Epicurean philosophy and ancient cosmology.

To find out more about Giulia’s research and teaching, visit her personal website website. Email Giulia Bonasio