Giulia Bonasio

Giulia is an ABD doctoral student whose areas of specialization are ancient philosophy, ethics, and moral psychology. She is writing a dissertation entitled Happiness and Superlative Value in the Eudemian Ethics. In her work, she investigates questions about human motivation and good human lives. While working within the framework of Aristotle’s ethical theory, she aims to find out how Aristotelian ideas contribute to contemporary debates in virtue ethics and virtue epistemology and how they may help us come up with new ideas. Her dissertation contributes also to the investigation of questions related to the Nicomachean Ethics and to a better understanding of this text.

Though her current work focuses on Aristotle’s ethics, Giulia has research interests in Plato’s Symposium, Republic, and Philebus, as well as in Epicurean philosophy. She has recently written an article on the notion of the sublime in Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura.

To find out more about Giulia’s research and teaching, visit her personal website website.