Joe Sheppard

Joe Sheppard is currently writing his dissertation, entitled “Mass Spectacles in Roman Pompeii”. His chief interests are the social and cultural history of the Roman Empire, especially leisure, education, death, and slavery. In addition to supervising trenches at the Villa San Marco excavations in Stabiae and the Villa Adriana in Tivoli, Joe has taught his own Latin classes; worked as a T.A. for classes in Roman art and architecture, Greek and Roman history, and mythology; led workshops on linked open data, paperless archaeology, and pedagogy; and co-curated an exhibition on instrumenta domestica. A keen epigrapher and numismatist, Joe spends his very limited spare time marking up for publication new digital editions of the unpublished Latin and Greek inscriptions and Roman coins at Columbia, and is always looking for fellow volunteers to help out.

Before coming to the States on a Fulbright exchange, Joe received his M.A. from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand with a thesis (pdf) that explored self-education in the second century CE, focussing on the evidence in Gellius, Suetonius and Dio Chrysostom. He is also interested in biking, film, yoga, and cooking. Email Joe Sheppard.