Mariana Beatriz Noé

Mariana received her “Licenciatura” in Philosophy (with honors) from the University of Buenos Aires, in Argentina. This five year degree allowed her to read a wide range of philosophers and to discover one specific philosophical problem: the perplexing relationship between art, its emotional affect on spectators, and the actions carried out by them once they have been mobilized by the power of artwork. The analysis of this philosophical problem in Plato’s Republic was the topic of Mariana’s undergraduate thesis.

During her years as an undergraduate student, Mariana presented papers at conferences on topics as diverse as the formal usage of invocations to the Muses, mimesis in Aristotle, the pragmatic arguments of Diodorus Cronus, the Megaric philosophers, and Plato’s conceptions of poetry.

In the future, Mariana hopes to deepen her knowledge of the mentioned tripartite problem by broadening her grasp of the nexus between the Greeks and art, by working on variegated conceptions of the soul in antiquity, and by studying ancient theories of human motivation. Regarding art, Mariana is specifically eager to work on the material aspects of Greek drama and on how these determine the way in which the Greeks appreciated art. Concerning the psychological aspects of the problem, Mariana wants to study the history of emotions and irrationality in antiquity. As for human motivation, Mariana’s main interest is to work on early notions of agency and responsibility.

Mariana’s secondary interests lie on current theories of emotion and neuroethics, and in 2013 she won an award for her philosophical essay “El contenido de los espejos o los espejos sin contenido” (The content of mirrors or the mirrors without content) about how discoveries involving mirror neurons pose a problem to Philosophy. Email Mariana Beatriz Noé.