Mary-Evelyn Farrior

Mary-Evelyn is currently a third year student in the CLST PhD program. Her Master’s thesis examines Etruscan-Roman interactions through a stylistic analysis of bambini in fasce, terracotta votives of swaddled infants. Before starting at Columbia, she earned her MA in Classical Studies from Tulane University in 2016. Her Master’s thesis at Tulane, “Roman Power and Athenian Past,” explored the cult and temple of Roma and Augustus on the Athenian Acropolis. She graduated from Brown University with honors in 2014. Her Honors Thesis focused on the interactions between M. Tullius Cicero and M. Porcius Cato in Cicero’s Pro Murena as well as their letters.

For the past two summers, Mary-Evelyn has excavated at Villa Adriana with the Advanced Program in Ancient History and Art (APAHA). She spent the summers of 2015 and 2016 working at Morgantina in Sicily with the American Excavations at Morgantina: Contrada Agnese Project (AEM:CAP). In the summer of 2014, Mary-Evelyn excavated at the Sant’ Omobono Project in Rome.

She has presented her work in Toronto at the 2017 AIA (“Roman Power, Athenian Past: The Temple of Roma and Augustus”), in Paris at the 2017 Recontre Classics: Columbia University-PSL (“Children and Slaves in Tarquinian Tomb Paintings: Reconsidering the Problem of Identification”), and in New Orleans at the Louisiana Classical Association Annual Meeting (The Contrada Agnese Project: A Survey of Recent Fieldwork at Morgantina).

Mary-Evelyn is interested in digital heritage and museum work. In Fall 2018, she interned in the Department of Greek and Roman Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In 2016, she served as an exhibition intern at the Parco Archeologico di Paestum, assisting with the development of the catalogue for the exhibition Possessione: Trafugamenti e falsi di antichità a Paestum. While at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in 2013, she interned at the American Academy in Rome, helping to digitally catalogue the Academy’s collection of cippi. In the same year, Mary-Evelyn was awarded an Undergraduate Teaching and Research Award from Brown University to develop and encode a digital catalogue on Roman funerals with Dr. John Bodel.

Outside of Columbia, Mary-Evelyn can most often be found walking along Riverside with her dog, Vivace. She is actively involved with 142nd St. dog park and serves as its fundraising chair. Email Mary-Evelyn Farrior.