Sarah Boyd

Sarah achieved her B.A. from Dickinson College in 2011 majoring in both Classics and History and as a member of Eta Sigma Phi Classical Honors Society. She then went on to Columbia University’s Post-Baccaluareate program and received her certificate in December of 2012. Her interests broadly scape Antiquity but her focuses have been largely in Classical Languages and Greek and Roman histories. As an undergraduate, she spent much of her time translating Homer and the tragedies of Sophocles. Since becoming a member of the academic community at Columbia, she has furthered her studies in both Latin and Greek, as well as ancient history and mythology. In the Summer of 2010, she studied abroad in Greece and Turkey with College Year in Athens and has also traveled extensively throughout much of Europe and Mediterranean Asia Minor. Sarah aims to help Classics and ancient tradition become approachable and accessible in secondary education. Email Sarah Boyd.