• Greek Art and Literature; Archaic and Classical Periods

  • Ancient Philosophy; Aesthetics; Ancient Art; Emotions; Greek Tragedy

  • Archaic and Classical Greek Art and Archaeology; Greek Drama; Reception; Collecting

  • Legal and Social History in the Late Roman Republic and Empire

  • Hellenistic and Roman History; Geopolitics and Cultural Identity; Numismatics; Comparative History; the Ancient Levant

  • Roman History, Art, Archaeology; Latin Literature; Ancient Sexuality, Ageing, Somatology

  • Ancient Ethics; Intellectual History; Greek Literature

  • Ancient Philosophy; Aesthetics; Irrationality; Human Motivation

  • Papyrology; Comparative History

  • Roman Luxury Arts; Social History; Villas; Dining

  • Social and Cultural History of Ancient Rome; Epigraphy; Numismatics

  • Indo-Mediterranean Maritime Trade; Numismatics; Ethnography

  • Roman History and Archaeology; Rural Studies; Asia Minor; Greek Epigraphy


  • Roman provinces; Latin Epigraphy; Non-elite communities; Late Antiquity; Religion

  • Hellenic Egypt; Classical Reception; Ancient Sexuality; Nymphs; Fauns

  • Ancient Philosophy; Epistemology and Metaphysics; Stoicism; Early Modern Philosophy (esp. Spinoza)

  • Classical Art and Archaeology; Portraiture; Cross-cultural Studies; Numismatics

  • Greek, Roman, and Etruscan Art and Archaeology; Ancient Architecture

  • Ancient Ethics, Metaphysics, and Aesthetics; Comparative Literature

  • Greek, Roman, and Etruscan Art and Archaeology

  • Greek Art and Archaeology; Cities and Sanctuaries; Greek Myth

  • Ancient Philosophy, especially the Pre-Socratics

  • Attic Drama and Modern Adaptations; Ancient Biography

  • Roman Archaeology, Art, and History; Roman Painted Plaster; Roman Sanctuary Spaces and Religious Practice

  • Classical archaeology, architecture, and material culture; household archaeology; Pompeian studies; social history; gender

  • Agency and Cognition; Classical Tradition; Working Memory and Art; Roman Art and Reception; Ornament Theory

  • Hellenistic World; Seleucids; Near East

  • Greek and Roman History; Ancient Warfare; Games and Economics

  • Ancient Mediterranean History; Roman Archaeology; Numismatics

  • Roman, Greek, and Etruscan Art and Archaeology

  • Ancient Philosophy; Animal Motifs in Ancient Art and Literature

  • Classical Art and Archaeology; World Mythology with a Concentration in Greek; Etruscan and Roman Tomb Paintings; Ancient Propaganda; Women’s Roles in Greek and Roman Society

  • Manuscript Studies; Latin Paleography; Medieval Europe; Renaissance; Egyptology

  • Early Christianity; Political Theology; Philosophy and Religion

  • Greek and Roman History; Epics; Augustan Ideology

  • Classical Latin Literature; Attic Drama; Mythography

  • Roman Provincial Archaeology; Greek and Roman Art; Emotions; Epigraphy; Architecture

  • Greek and Roman History: Roman Food and Luxury