All Faculty

Francesco de Angelis, Chair

Art History and Archaeology

Zainab Bahrani, Ancient Near Eastern and East Mediterranean Art and Archaeology

Francesco de Angelis, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Art and Archaeology

Vidya Dehejia, Indian and South Asian Art

Holger A. Klein, Early Christian, Byzantine, and Western Medieval Art and Archaeology

Ioannis Mylonopoulos, Greek and Roman Art, Architecture, and Archaeology


Marcus Folch, Fourth-century Greek prose, Ancient Philosophy, performance

Helene P. Foley, Greek literature (epic, tragedy, comedy); women and gender

Carmela V. Franklin, Medieval Latin

Joseph Howley, Imperial Latin prose, Imperial Greek literature

Elizabeth Irwin, Archaic Greek poetry, politics and history; Herodotus and Thucydides

John Ma, Classical Greek and Hellenistic history, ancient literary and material culture

Paraskevi Martzavou, Greek history, archaeology, and epigraphy

Kristina Milnor, Latin literature, feminist studies, Roman social history

Ellen Morris, Cross-cultural approaches to empire, Ancient Egyptian social history

Liz Scharffenberger, Greek comedy and tragedy, Plato

Deborah T. Steiner, Archaic and classical Greek literature, choral song, classical mythology

Katharina Volk, Latin literature and philosophy; intellectual history

Gareth Williams, Latin poetry and philosophy

Nancy Worman, Greek poetry and oratory, ancient rhetoric, literary theory

James E.G. Zetzel, Latin literature, ancient political theory, ancient law

English and Comparative Literature

Kathy H. Eden, Renaissance Humanism, history of rhetoric, ancient literary theory

Richard Sacks, Greek and Germanic myth and epic, Indo-European linguistics


Richard A. Billows, Ancient Greek and Roman History and Greek epigraphy

William V. Harris, History of the Ancient Greek and Roman Worlds

Marco Maiuro, Ancient History, Hellenistic kingdoms, Roman Empire

Seth R. Schwartz, political, social and cultural history of ancient Jews

Marc Van De Mieroop, Ancient Near Eastern history


Wolfgang Mann, Ancient Philosophy, German Idealism, Metaphysics

Katja M. Vogt, Ancient Philosophy, Ethics, Normative Epistemology

Fellows and Lecturers

Ian McCready-Flora, Society of Fellows, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Aesthetics