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Two questions about the rule of Law in Plato

Two questions about the rule of Law in Plato
Susan Sauvé Meyer
University of Pennsylvania

As part of its Classical Dialogues series, the Classical Studies Graduate Program at Columbia University is pleased to welcome Susan Sauvé Meyer, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania. On November 15th, 11 am-1 pm, Professor Meyer will discuss her article, "Two questions about the rule of Law in Plato." Commentators: Shenda Kuang (Columbia) and Mariana Beatriz Noé (Columbia). Location: Schermerhorn Hall 807, Columbia University. Please see below for an abstract from Susan Sauvé Meyer.

Plato is widely and correctly recognized as a defender of the Rule of Law. Professor Meyer explores the precise contours of the thesis that Plato endorses, and the ways in which his defense of it differs in the Statesman and the Laws. With a particular focus on Book 3 of the Laws, she explores the notion of “servitude to the laws” and its relation to the “freedom” of the city.

In its Classical Dialogues series, the interdepartmental Classical Studies Graduate Program CLST at Columbia University invites authors of recent work in ancient studies that is exemplary for the kind of study that CLST aims to foster. All faculty and students at  Columbia and beyond are cordially invited. CLST students are required to read carefully at least one chapter or article in advance and prepare questions and comments for discussion.