Kristina Milnor

(Barnard) Associate Professor

Latin Literature; Feminist Studies; Roman Social History

Kristina Milnor, Tow Family Foundation Associate Professor of Classics, graduated from Wesleyan University in 1992 and went on to study at the University of Michigan where she received a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies (1997) and her PhD in Classical Studies (1998). She has taught at Barnard since 1998, where she has taught courses on Livy, Lucan, Martial, the idea of law in ancient literature, and the representation of the ancient world in film. She also regularly teaches Latin prose composition at the advanced undergraduate and graduate level. Professor Milnor has been a fellow at the American Academy in Rome (2003 – 4) and a member of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, NJ (2008 – 9). She is the author of Gender, Domesticity, and the Age of Augustus: Inventing Private Life(Oxford, 2005), which won the 2006 Goodwin Award of Merit from the American Philological Association. She has also published articles on the Roman elegiac poet Sulpicia, the ancient historian Livy, forgiveness in the ancient Roman world, and Barbie™. Her teaching and research interests include Latin literature of the late Republic and early Empire, feminist theory and gender studies, and Roman social history. She specializes in combining textual and material approaches to the literature and history of the ancient Roman world. She is currently finishing a book on Roman graffiti texts from the Bay of Naples, entitled Graffiti and the Literary Landscape of Roman Pompeii. Kristina Milnor webpage.