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The Barnard/Columbia Ancient Drama Group presents Mangled House

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The Barnard/Columbia Ancient Drama Group presents Mangled House, an original collage of Aeschylus's Agamemnon and Seneca's Thyestes. The bloody family drama of the Agamemnon plays out as we know it, but this time in high American Gothic style and haunted by the House of Atreus’ ancestral ghosts, who reenact their own tragedy—of sibling rivalry, cannibalism, and revenge—in the background of their children’s. Inspired by midcentury haunted house tales, black-and-white horror films, and Gothic Grand Guignol classics like The Fall of the House of UsherMangled House is also a commentary on translation, archival history, and what it means to rewrite the past. Performed in Ancient Greek and Latin with English subtitles.
Tickets are available on eventbrite. The three performances in Minor Latham Playhouse are as follows: 
Friday March 29th, 8pm
Saturday March 30th, 8pm 
Sunday March 31st, 2pm
Minor Latham Playhouse