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Columbia University at Hadrian’s Villa: The 2016 Archaeological Campaign

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Columbia University at Hadrian’s Villa: The 2016 Archaeological Campaign
Italian Academy

On March 23, Professors Francesco de Angelis (Columbia) and Marco Maiuro (Rome La Sapienza, and Columbia), directors of the Advanced Program of Ancient History and Art (APAHA) will present the main results of the excavation at Hadrian’s Villa, discuss the historical significance of the findings, and announce some exciting developments of the project for 2017.

With over 80 participants—35 of whom enrolled in the Classical Studies Summer Class and several others returning as “veterans” from previous iterations of it—the 2016 fieldwork season has been the most intensive and the most productive one since the inception of the program. The excavation of the “Lararium” courtyard revealed a pre-Hadrianic channel running under the precinct’s floor and provided further data on the Medieval phases of the complex. The continuation of the exploration of the building in the area of the so-called Macchiozzo brought to light new rooms with their mosaics and their painted walls and ceilings. Furthermore, the expansion of the excavation in the surroundings of the Macchiozzo building began to uncover architectural remains that were last seen (and only partially documented) by Piranesi in the 18th century.