CLST Photo Contest: Call for Submissions

What's Happening

Classical Studies graduate students are invited to submit photographs that demonstrate the rich and varied resources available in New York City for whomever wants to pursue scholarly research on the Greek and Roman Worlds, as well as the larger Ancient Mediterranean. Ideally, these should be pictures of artworks or other classics-related artifacts in the context of the city, its museums, etc.; but other options are also acceptable, provided they meet the goal stated above: keep in mind that we are looking for images that emphasize a sense of scale and place, energy and perspective, richness and abundance, immediacy and possibility. Anybody interested should submit up to three images by Sunday, October 20. Images should be delivered as jpgs at least 2000px wide (larger is always better). Please supply captions (who/what/where/when/etc.) and some background for every photo. Winning images will be utilized on the website.

Please submit images to